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I'm impressed!
(13-01-2021, 07:43 PM)Ravencroft Wrote: Found a crash for you. Trying to demolish the sand pit causes it. Replicated multiple times.

[Image: Screenshot%202021-01-13%20094156.png?dl=1]

this has something to do with EB's mods. I had a crash too in MM9 with this. and when I just loaded EB's unified mod, it gave the crash too. its not only the sandpit. it is every building that needs to be a part on water. and it only happens when you have a trade merchant build and then delete one of those other buildings.

I have finally installed MM9 and one thing I noticed is that Kid's Friendly Blue isn't in MM9. it is in the list of mods included in MM9, it apparently isn't in the game. just to let you know.
French translation : 55%.

It will be faster in August, one week of hollidays Smile
discoverd some "road-bugs":

the following roads will replace each other...

wintin dirt road 6 vs CC gravel road
wintin dirt road 7 vs CC sandy road
wintin dirt road 8 vs CC sand road
wintin dirt road 9 vs CC desert road
wintin dirt road 10 vs CC plantation road
wintin dirt road 11 vs CC pasture road
wintin dirt road 12 vs CC crop road
wintin dirt road 13 vs swamp road
wintin dirt road 14 vs march road

wintin stone road 2 vs RK red brick road
wintin stone road 3 vs RK sand brick road
wintin stone road 4 vs RK sandstone road
wintin stone road 5 vs RK fire brick road
wintin stone road 8 vs RK classic stone road
wintin stone road 9 vs RK old stone road
wintin stone road 10 vs RK old church road
wintin stone road 11 vs RK old chapel stone road
wintin stone road 12 vs RK dark stone road

EB stone road 6 vs DS gravel road 1
EB stone road 7 vs DS gravel road 2
EB stone road 8 vs DS gravel road 3
EB stone road 9 vs DS gravel road 4
EB stone road 10 vs DS gravel road 5

EB wood road 1 vs DS dirt roads 6
EB wood road 2 vs DS dirt roads 7
EB wood road 3 vs DS dirt roads 8
I'll poke Kralyerg. I think it comes from the fact that there are only 2 types of roads; basic speed or faster. There's something about having them ordered the right way so fast roads can be built over any slow road, or something like that.
Any news about the next version of this mod? After the last version, a lot of time has passed, and as I saw on various messages, already found a lot of different bugs in MegaMod 9.
Hello Vrayna!

Y 'a quand même deux ou trois choses qui me gênent un peu, tu vas peut-être pouvoir me guider, de toute façon, je ferai le suivi intégral et exclusif des modifs à corriger par la suite.

Là j'ai surtout une question pour toi car je suis peut-être tombé amoureux du jeu, mais je connais encore très peu le megamod au final.

Comment traduirais-tu "ghosted" dans le texte?

Par exemple:

Place a Seesaw Decoration. Ghosted.

Pour le moment n'ayant pas encore pu rejouer depuis que j'ai proposé de traduire, car j'ai la traduction en priorité avant le jeu, je ne vois pas encore la situation pour l'utiliser, peut on dire que ca signifie "invisible"?

There is a graphics glitch for the water when loading Big Lake large

The top half of the map only shows the underling blue base in the map for the lake.

It is the same problem in MM 8  - Big lake is good up to medium, but when you load a large or extra large map the glitch appears
This is weird, it's not something I've ever noticed in MM8 (haven't tried MM9). Can you post a screenshot please?
(01-08-2021, 08:56 PM)Vrayna Wrote: This is weird, it's not something I've ever noticed in MM8 (haven't tried MM9). Can you post a screenshot please?

These are from MM8, when I tried using MM9 the same glitch appeared

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