MegaMod 9 Public Beta
Just bought a brand new gaming computer, my old one crashed with mm8, this one is i7 ssd 20gb ram, super cooled, and a massive hd. should run this game with mm9 like a boss. at least that is the plan. Will let you know how great it is, after a week of playing with it.
I am now using windows ten, and have an i7 with an ssd and aan hdd with a combined 1tb save space. 20gb ram, a great graphics card, and it is new to me at least, it is a new build, with some elder parts. 

Anyway, the specs say I can play with cities skylines, they are better than the recommended. The problems I am having with MM9, is how to load it once it is all unzipped, and downloaded onto my ssd drive. 

I did find all the files eventually. lol. windows ten is weird how it is set up, but I am figuring it out. 

I have the MM9 all unzipped, and ready to play with. 

I went to my program files, found the Steam, Steam Apps, Common, Banished, maybe not in that exact order, but it looked the same as when I loaded MM8, so then I went to my banished game, hit the mods, and there was nothing there for me to use?? Did I do something wrong? Is there a different loading up for MM9.  Also, I know I have to activate the files, as they are numbered from 1 thru 6. And for good measure, once loaded, to save a map, exit and reload Banished, so it remembers the settings. Unless I no longer need to do that last exit and reload thing.  

Anyways, itching to check out mm9!!!
Any help would be awesome!! and I will be happy to provide feed back on the playability, and share my specs more formally once I get into the mod package
The .pkm files aren't dropped in the Banished folder directly, but in the Windata subfolder inside Banished folder.
(12-02-2021, 06:09 PM)Vrayna Wrote: The .pkm files aren't dropped in the Banished folder directly, but in the Windata subfolder inside Banished folder.

That would explain why they didn't show up in my new game window lol. Thank you Vrayna!
Thank you, so much for all your hard work! I love the new wild animals in MM9 it's great. No problems to report so far.

Except I cannot find the perfumery, has it been removed for good?
Many thanks for the work you've put into this!

A couple oddities I've noticed:

1) Repeatable crashes with the goat butcher. My test game crashed 3 times as soon as I built it. The 4th time, I let the game run without problems for several years before completing the goat butcher. The game promptly crashed.

2) This is a strange one, and I'll try to see if it's reproducible. I didn't like the initial map (started with horses, which should be haulers, not food), so exited that map without quitting the game. With a new map, found multiple items missing from the toolbars. The Mod Parts 1, 2, and 3 did load (so started with goats, etc.), but Parts 4-6 were disabled, eliminating grammar school and lots of other stuff. Saving, exiting, and reloading failed to bring those parts back into that game. (Is there a list indicating which mods are in which parts?)

3) Had the same experience with fodder others already noted. (RedKetchup's logs+stone stable accepts plain fodder; stables built with lumber and stone don't.)

4) This is just an impression, but I'm curious to know if it's shared--it seems to me that the collection of wood is slower than it had been with MegaMod 8. It may be that I'm still exploring the new options and failing to monitor the basics, of course.

BTW, I've a Windows 7 system with an I7 core, 16 Gb of ram, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti gpu. The game takes only a couple minutes to load.

Again, thanks for putting this together!