MegaMod 9 Public Beta
I'm probably not going to have the time to work on finishing MM9 for a little while, so I thought I'd let people who want to test it out to have a go at it.  So if you're a little crazy, here's a kind of public beta version.

First off, a little disclaimer.  *This thing is huge.*  It spans 6 pkm files.  Unzipped it's 8.36GB.  It's going to take a long time to load.

It comes as a 630MB  .7z file I made using 7zip.  It compresses it much better than the standard .zip file.

New Toolbar Things

I've done a lot of tweaking of the toolbar, and there's still a lot more to go. 
There's 2 copies of the toolbar. The Main Toolbar, and the Community Toolbar. 

* Every single building resides on the main toolbar.  I've tried to group things by function so similar buildings are all together.

* Every single building resides on the Community Toolbar.  These are left exactly as the original modder placed them.


Here's a handy little pdf that lists the mods included in MM9


Feedback I'm looking for:

* Repeatable crashes.
       * Clicking on certain buildings causing crashes.  Clicking on a specific toolbar button crashes.

* Buildings not accepting goods
        * A production building needs a certain resource, but the works won't drop things off there.

* General odd behavior.
        * The more specific you can be, the better.  There's a lot of pieces behind the scenes, so you can't just say "My fishing dock doesn't work" and expect any kind of solution when there's a dozen different versions.

Feedback I'm* **not** *looking for:

* Suggestions to include various mods. 
    * The goal is to include every mod that is possible.  But
       * Some modders may choose not to give permission to use their hard work. 
       * Some modders have moved on from modding and getting in contact with them is difficult. 
       * Certain types of mods (aging, storage increase) are left up to user choice and won't be included.
       * Some of the very newest mods might not be included *yet* because I haven't had the time to work on this lately, but will be added when I can.

* Toolbar criticism.
    * I know the toolbar is still kind of messy. It's definitely not in a finished state.  It's a little tricky to get it all just right.  It's not just copy/paste.  It's a delicate maneuver to future proof it for the inevitable MM10 so I don't have to redo everything.

* Complaints about it not loading/Black screen
    * It takes a very long time to load.  It eventually works for me.  I don't know how to fix it. Sad
    * I have no idea what to do with crash.dmp files.

Congratulations for reaching the end.  For those intrepid souls who think their computer can handle it:

MegaMod Beta Download

Leave you comments and criticisms a replies to this post.  I'll try not to take it personally if you hate it. Smile
First off, a big thank you for letting us test this!! The problem I'm having is that the gathering huts appear to be mostly gathering a WHOLE LOT of fodder. The two I've tried so far are the gatherer from KID that looks like a tree trunk and the one from DS (Large Forest Food Gatherer). It seems rare that they gather actual food - I've seen one gather like 22 berries but the rest was fodder. My villagers are starving because they just aren't gathering enough due to the amount of fodder. I don't have other mods installed because you are the best of the best! Is there any more information I can provide to help track down this issue or perhaps something I'm not doing correctly? Thanks!
So I must have lost my mind or something. I've tried several different starts and maps but cannot replicate the fodder issue again. So far, everything appears to work great. If I run into anymore issues, I will let you know!
Thank you very much for your works.
Please, please return the white birch, again.))
Can mod  Kid - Bakery & Garden Alternative V1.1  be replaced with mod Kid - Bakery & Garden V1.1?
You don't have to answer the question, these are just wishes.
Found a crash for you. Trying to demolish the sand pit causes it. Replicated multiple times.

[Image: Screenshot%202021-01-13%20094156.png?dl=1]