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Which Apiary?  Can you post a picture and describe the toolbars you used so we can identify which one?

I think I have a mess going on with my games. I've been trying to use the mega mod (8.01) and the game will start fine, but every time I go into the debug menu and click on anything in debug menu, the game crashes with a fatal error.

I have Red Ketchup's Editors mod (1.0.7) on top, then CC Journey 1.75, then the mega mods (8.01) loaded in their 1,2,3 order.

I know there's a newer version of Journey, but am wondering, if I download the newer version, what will happen to my other saved games? Will they still work? And is this the reason the mega mod is crashing?

I have other saved games that I don't want to lose (without the mega mod). I don't know what to do or how to fix this problem. The other games play just fine. Just not the one with the mega mod enabled.

Please help?
I think you are trying to use too many large mods which may not be completely compatible with each other.

MegaMod includes Colonial Charter 1.76. All of the mods included in MegaMod have been tweaked to ensure they work together. You definitely should not use a previous version of CC, at the same time you are using MM. You can continue to use the older version of CC with your old saves - just make sure it isn't enabled while you use MM.

Try disabling CC 1.75 when you use MM and RKEC together then start a new game. If MM doesn't work with RKEC above MM, try placing it below. Let us know if that change works.
hello estherhb and BL folks!
Thank you for this advice, because it never occurred to me that i could use RKEC with MM8.01
i thought it might conflict, because aren't many of the things in RKEC also in MM8.01?
i am currently setting up MM8.01 with my favorite extras and a ton of stuff from WoB by Jinxiewinxie, now i will be adding RKEC also, and maybe even embx61's Unified!
lol, let's see what happens...
MM8 and RKEC *should* work together without crashing. There hasn't really been extensive testing done.

But you'll get some different options depending on which one is on top. If MM is on top, you'll get the MM starting conditions and terrains. But if RKEC is on top, you'll get the RKEC options.

But, if you're computer can handle it, they should play nice with each other once you get going.

And games made with CC 1.75 will be just fine with CC 1.76. Nothing was changed, just a few new things added.
Hi, quick questions from a beginner with MM.

First, is it normal that the three parts of the mod are conflicting?

Second, the toolbar is looking weird with double icons (some cause fatal errors)

Thanks for your help

Edit: MM is the only mod active and i have the latest game version Wink
It's really common for mods to turn red. It doesn't mean they are incompatible; it just means they affect the same code.

MM8.01 does not normally have duplicate icons. I know you are saying that you do not have any mods activated except the 3 that belong to MM. However, you should make sure you are not subscribed to any Steam mods as they sometimes reactivate themselves. you should also go to your Banished > WinData File and make sure the only .pkm files in that folder are the 3 MM 8.01 pkm files. (You should also have 4 .pkg files.)

If all of that is OK, disable all the mods and restart with just vanilla Banished. Then re-enable MM and restart again. Let us know if that works or doesn't work.
I'm going to lock this thread.  It was really for an old version of MM.  Please use the top stickied MM8 Discussion thread.   Smile