MegaMod 8 Open Discussion
Where do I find the Trading post at? I have never heard of such a building.
The Trading Post is one of the vanilla buildiings in Banished. If you haven't heard of it, it makes me wonder whether you have played much Banished. If that's the case, you might not want to play MegaMod yet - it can be pretty overwhelming. It's usually recommended that players become familiar with the vanilla game first. Then add Colonial Charter 1.76. Then try MegaMod (but delete CC since it is included).

Anyway, the Trading Posts are under the Storage, Markets and Trade Tab > Trade Buildings. There are general and specialized trading posts there.
aaah, that's where they're at, I'll look at that when i get the chance to fix my darn game.
Hello to all.
I would like a help if possible.
I loved the Megamod 8 incredible work Smile
But unfortunately he is not compatible with a translation mod that I use. Sad
I wonder ...
It is possible that megamod and the translation mod
work together?
What would be the process ?!
So I might be of use and very much the play. Cool

Excuse my English I am using google translator  Blush

P.S. I use Mod translation PT/BR
Bug report:
Not sure if this has been reported before.

KID's "Buildings for swamp dwellers" Reed Packer inventory eats the reeds - assigned worker will endlessly pick up more reeds, bring them to the packer, but the inventory stays empty.