Maxed Symbol over Chartered Company Dock


I can't endure the thought of life without tea, and since I can't grow it I decided to build a chartered company dock to import it.  I had some guilder, but not much, so I started trading pfennig for guilder to increase my supply.  Now the dock has the maxed out symbol over it, and it doesn't seem to be importing guilder even though I have 50 pfennig in the dock and 70 more in storage.  What could be the problem?  My precious items limit is 1000 and have nothing like that much coinage.

Right now the dock itself is holding 10 guilder and 50 pfennig.  Can it only hold 60 of something?


The max symbol (an up arrow with a line above it) indicates that it can't produce something in the list of items you can buy based on the flag/category. You can check the quantity on hand with the flag limits to see which flag it is.


I'm not sure what you mean by "check the quantity on hand with the flag limits."  How do I do that?

Here are some screenshots.  They show that I have coinage in the dock and in storage, but nowhere near the limit.  Also, the charter company shows only that it imported tea this year.  It says nothing about importing guilder.  Does that mean the worker brought guilder to the dock instead of trading for it?



There is a product on the list of items you can order that has reached it's limit. When I compare the Limits with the Current Quantity on hand shown in the Town Arrival window, it shows that the limit for Textiles is 600; you already have 630 on hand. Therefore that limit has been exceeded and you may not order anything that is considered a Textile. 

I have no idea whether the Chartered Company will still allow you to order other items in other categories whose limits haven't been exceeded, such as Tea which is a Luxury - I never use the Chartered Company.  I will try to find out for you. (I also noticed the window for the building lists "Dry Goods" which is no longer the name of a flag/category used.)


Which version of <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr> are you using, is it 1.76 or an older one, and which version of Banished? There might be a mix up in the flag/categories if you have the latest version of Banished but your <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr> is not up to date.