Markets have logs?

Hi, I am having an issue with my markets.  They are collecting my raw resources...specifically logs.  I am constantly low on logs no matter how many my laborers chop down and I go to a market and I see one of my markets with like 500 logs.  Why do the markets take logs and how to stop them?


Markets carry some of everything. They typically store a % of goods based on flags (think: "category"). 500 Logs in one Market sounds like a lot. The Central Market can store a total weight of 18,500. Each Log weighs 10 so that's a total weight of 5000 or 27%!  To figure out what is happening, I need more information:  Which market? What % full is it?  How many Logs are in your inventory? Do you have stockpiles with room available near the source of Logs?  Which mods (include version #'s) are you using and in what order? Are you using Banished 1.0.7?


keep in mind, thats ok market steal logs, when citizens need logs they can go at the market. woodcutter, builders, everyone can piskup there for their logs

you can eve use it at your avantage, if you put woodcutter, BS, and industries that need log not that far of the market, they always find some there since the vendor will try to always refill.


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different markets move different items.logs is moved for the blacksmith and firewood cutter.most people will find an issue with markets storing too many odd items and not enough needed items like food,clothing,and logs. modded marklets help with don't move items from market to stop a general or town market from storing logs,you can place a log cart or market elsewhere that does move them toward the blacksmith and can also try a different market for the town center that will store just the items you want.


   since all players have different styles there are many options of mods to pick from.depending on your situtation and layout,you may find older 1.06 mods can help. i have only seen 2 or 3 of the older market mods get stuck in a loop and not be able to store something.i still use SLINK's small market set and KID's market puzzle.both have some specific itme mods.a food only,a general but with 1.06 nly flags<this means they won't store many or any of the new flag items.they are limited to items the bannies use>,textles,etc.


Yeah - specialized markets can help gather materials a business needs when placed close together. Kid1293's Market Puzzle v 1.2 was revised to work with Banished 1.0.7. There are also EB Market Set. Both are available from in the section for mods that work with 1.0.7.