Managing materials limit (and others)

So I'm hoping one of you more-experienced folks has a solution to this that I just haven't thought of, because it's doing my head in.

"Materials" seems to cover a whole heap of things. I'm not even sure what, exactly. This is making it really difficult to manage the limit/cap, and also results in a lot of micromanaging of my industry - just because I've put the cap up because I want more of product A doesn't mean I want that cap absorbed by extra production of products X, Y, and Z. Is there a sane way to deal with this? (Alternatively, should I just give up now and let myself go insane?)


you can pause the production in other buildings by turning them off. click on the work icon.dark means it is off. other than that there isn't much control. those limits can't be made too sepcific.

you can also set the building to produce what you don't have materials for and that will stop the worker from using stuff. i do that with the lumber mill,set it to firewood and he stops making lumber.there is also a resource building and the traders you can"hide" stuff in then it won't be used either.


I know about pausing the production in other buildings by turning them off - that's what I mean by micromanaging. There's so many things that fall under the "materials" category that in a reasonably established town it becomes a bit of a mess. Plus the fact that I'm pretty sure some are turning up from places I don't quite expect or understand...

I guess I was hoping that someone would have some suggestions of better ways to go about managing the town-wide production flow amongst the multiple undustries that all use/produce materials.


sadly theres not much that can be done


ive asked for help from the community to petition the game developer, you can read about it here:



Ah, fair enough. Well, as a sign of my devotion to a cause I've signed up to reddit and left my own (wordy) vote. [img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin.png[/img]/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" title=":D" width="20" />
(16-01-2017, 09:58 AM)ShockPuppet Wrote: sadly theres not much that can be done

ive asked for help from the community to petition the game developer, you can read about it here:

I had same question as OP which was answered (above) but which raises other questions (I'm interested in the game's imitations).

ShockPuppet or anyone else who knows would you mind elaborating please?

1. Is it possible to create a mod which added of stockpiles and small storage buildings specific to every single resource so that we can limit production by limiting places to store something to solve this?

2. What are the limits on the custom resource groups?

  2a. Can resources be part of 2 or more groups?

  2b. Could a mod be made to put each resource in it's own group & allow specific limits in production buildings?

Also Hi everyone! Smile I would say it at the top but I can't write above the quote now...

And since it will undoubtedly come up, this necro is the most relevant place to ask this IMO - if you think somewhere else is more appropriate please explain why. Cheers.
hmm, let me try. there are some wagons that RED made at WOB. they do store the specific flags. you can store minerals specifically in piles via CC. you can not state specifically which mineral, so you can't split iron ore and coal any more than wheat from oats.

there are older mods that can split food down to grain,fruit,meat. older markets are more bannie friendly in that they won't store new flags. an older 1.06 market will store goods the bannies use and not the excess items that need processed like furniture or tin. there are exceptions.

as far as i know, an item generally has 1 flag. there may be an exception. when using the CC compatability 1.07 mod. this mod bridges or merges the old flags and new for some items. hence lumber can store as logs.

you can not set the production buildings to a separate limit than the main limits. that is game coded. the modders have a limited amount of control.

let me do some history. CC was a huge project. the team has done an awesome job at adding a lot of mods and merging many many mods into the MM as well. when the CC team started out, there was the old 1.06 limit flags. houses could only accept 3 materials for building construction. to overcome this, CC added production chains to produce higher grade goods. this way luxury houses could require pipes or furniture,etc. as you can see from the chains in the game, it is a complex situation.

each higher grade item was given a trade value. there are also output #'s for each production workplace. the CC team had to balance these outputs and trade values across several chains and items. in game this is hard to control. you end up with too many pipes and not enough building materials or needing some other item more than it is being produced.

with the new limit flags there is more control than before. but the best option remains as it was- trade excess goods away. really isn't much else that can be done.

storage is a separate situation. at the time the game was given the upgrade to the 1.07 flags,the CC team had already started making its own game. the latest CC mod the CC journey was upgraded to use the new flags. but it was done very quickly. the CC general markets will store everything. both what the bannies need and all other goods that need processing as well.

i use a combination of older mods,1.07 mods, some CC,etc. i have played with the CCJ and prior CC mods with the 1.07 and newer mods. for towns , i generally use a different market than the CC markets. this way goods are stored in town that the bannies use such as food,tools, clothing,and firewood. i have RED's carts to help store surpluses for trade posts. this helps move those goods faster. i also have some older wharehouse mods that will help move iron,logs,and textiles for production areas. this keeps many of the items that need processed in work piles near the mines or foundry.

the mod order i am currently playing is RKEC with DS IND and CC TFA. with the compatability 1.07 everything is running smooth. you can check it out at TOM's site-

it has over 130 mods.