MM Tools durability
Hi y'all

I searched for a while for durability for all tools in blacksmith. There are some info, but often contradictory and they don't have all of them.
Can some good soul write here the durability for:
  • Wooden tools
  • Stone tools
  • Rough tools
  • Iron tools
  • Steel tools
  • Hardened tools
  • Hardened steel tools
  • Bronze tools
  • Carbon steel tools
  • Gemstone tools
Thanks in advance
I don't know those from the top of my mind, I'll try to poke someone who actually looked at those numbers.

Poked Kralyerg, he had a look at some of the numbers.

Rough - 40
Wood - 50
Stone - 75
Iron - 100
Steel - 200
Bronze - 265
Carbon Steel - 300
Gemstone - 1000

Hardened and Hardened Steel are both 300, like the Carbon Steel tools.