MAC OS X - Long waiting time after activating huge mods
Hey there,

I am new here and haven't discovered how to perform a search accordingly through topics. I'm terribly sorry about that.

My question is probably a repetition of previously discussed similar cases, but I would like to know if someone has faced something similar to this one.

I've got a MAC, and I am aware that the crushing majority of people usually play games on Windows, so I am already planning my finances to purchase a cool gaming PC. The thing is: I can run small mods in Banished. Everything is updated, both the game version and mods (I hope so about the last). We also all know that CC and MM are huge, but CC is significantly smaller than MM. Yet I cannot start the game due to infinite waiting time on a black screen after activating the mod, even with CC. Consider 'infinite' 15 minutes. And yes, I deactivate all other mods when activating huge ones.

I have already read about people suggesting to be patient, to switch between DX9 and DX11, to go get a coffee and chill. Maybe I'm not being patient enough, or there is indeed a problem there, given the smaller size of CC.

Any suggestions? Is there anyone who got CC and MM running on Macs? To run Banished, I have purchased the game on and use Porting Kit, so I just copy the mod files and paste in the proper folder (I think it is WinData its name, just like on Windows).

I appreciate the time you reserved to read through this.

I can't comment on Mac specifically as I don't use one, however I do know about the black waiting screen when first loading up.

It's a symptom of having tens of thousands of items inside huge mods. The faster the computer, the less the waiting time will be. If all you are doing is loading 1 huge mod such as CC i'm afraid there is nothing that can be done to alleviate the issue other than acquiring newer hardware. Whether the black screen waiting time is longer on Mac, i cannot say as I never tested it.

You could try finding some of the parts of a huge mod that you think you might enjoy, and just load those in instead. has some of our content available for download as smaller parts, as posted there by Kralyerg. You can see CC specific items by following this link or just generally browse the available mods here.

I hope that I helped!

I appreciate your help and fast reply.

I will post here the computer specs when I have access to it again. It is quite decent and should work, since other mods go well.

Your suggestion is great too. I will take some time to go through the ones I would enjoy the most and activate them. However, next time I will do my best to be even more patient waiting for up to 30 minutes, since there is no crashing, just a black screen with the cursor.

Have a great day/night!