Limits: What they are, and what they aren't.

There's 3 topics that are going to be discussed here:

1) The resource limit that a building uses.

2) The resource limit that is displayed on the buildings UI box.

3) The flag that is given to a produced resource.

These are 3 separate and distinct things.  They only interact in the tiniest of ways.

Each production building has a resource limit that it looks to when deciding whether or not to produce a resource. If that resource limit is reached, then work will stop.  Seems fairly straight-forward, right? But what happens when the resource being produced is different than the resource limit being used? Take the Plantation for example. It uses the Dry Goods Limit, but can produce regular food. 

But when you mismatch limits with resource flags, strange behavior can occur. The Plantation will look at the Dry Goods limit to decide whether or not to work, but then you harvest regular edible food, and nothing is counted toward your limit. So as long as your Dry Goods Limit is not at it's max, it will continue to grow food past your Food Limit, because the Plantation doesn't care about your Food Limit. On the other hand, if your Dry Goods is maxed out, then it will stop producing food, even if you are starving, because, again, it doesn't care about the Food Limit, it only cares about the Dry Goods.

Just because something is grown in the Plantation has zero impact on what the resource is flagged as. Foods grown in the Plantation are exactly the same as food grown in the Crop Field.   The only difference between a Crop Field and a Plantation is the limit it looks at to decide whether or not to continue to produce, that's all.  The thing that decides the flag of the produced resource is the resource itself, not the building that it comes from.  All versions of the resource are exactly the same, no matter the source.

The other thing that people are mistaken about, sometimes, is the actual resource limit spinner (that thing with the little up/down arrows) that is displayed in the buildings window when you click on it.  This actually has nothing at all to do with the actual real limit that the building is using. It's more a cosmetic helper tool.  It's there to aid you, but it doesn't really affect the building itself. If you made a Bakery that displayed the Stone Limit, that wouldn't matter at all, because the real limit that it is using is hidden in the code and never displayed to the user.


I wanted to post this now, because, with the Banished 1.0.7, and the new limits and new flags, there's bound to be some confusion.


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