Iron Ore

How am I acquiring Iron Ore without a mine?


In one of the versions of Colonial Charter, the Iron that is gathered off of the ground was changed to Iron Ore.  The Blacksmith can make Rough Tools out of Iron Ore and Logs.  Iron Ore can be smelted into Iron at a Small Iron Smelter, a Forge or a Foundry. Note that these buildings need Furnace Fuel which is made at a Small Fuel Refinery or a Fuel Refinery.  There is a mod that changes the Iron Ore found on the ground back into Iron HERE

One thing you need to know is that these buildings can use Firewood. However, you will find that it is much more effective to turn logs into Charcoal at a Stacks Burner. One Log can be used to make 4 Firewood or to make 11 Charcoal!

To build a Stacks Burner and a bunch of other stuff, you will need lumber.  At 1st you may want to build just a small Sawpit which will get you started. Later you may want to build a Lumber Mill. 

Thank you