Iron Ore Shaft (Mega Mod)
Hello there,

can anyone tell me how to demolish the Iron Ore Shaft (left Building) without the ruins still standing (right building) couldnt find a way to demolish that I wanted to reload but already oversaved and dont want to start once again.

Tried already Terrain Tools

Anyone any clue? Cant get this building off of this site and its so annoying.

I would be happy if anyone can help me out!

Kind regards!

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You need to upgrade it first. The basic mines/quarries will leave holes/ruins. Upgraded ones can be removed.
so because this one is already removed it is not possible to remove anymore?
Correct. It will stay as a lovely reminder that in this spot there once was a mine.
(I'm weird, I like leaving old derelict buildings in my ton and then build dock housing around to make a "poor side of ton" district Big Grin )