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Hi Black Liquid Members,

regards from Berlin! I have been playing Banished for years but this is the first time I would like to play Colonial Charter. I'm quite exited!

Cybilly Cool
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Just downloaded MM9 and cant wait to try it.  I live in colorado.  The only question I have is how do I install after unpacking the file.  Thanks all.
Hey there! You need to drop all the .pkm files inside your Banished/Windata folder. In game you'll have to make sure they're all in the correct order in your modlist when you enable them, 1-2-3-4-5-6 from top to bottom. Confirm the change and let the game reload (might take a while), then entirely exit Banished and restart before you create a new town. The extra step takes a while but will avoid crashes when quitting your town.