Inedible Foods
These Inedible mods make it so the food specified won't get eaten by your citizens, but can be saved for food processing or trade.

Inedible Apples
Inedible Apricots
Inedible Barley
Inedible Beans
Inedible Beef
Inedible Beets
Inedible Bison Meat
Inedible Blackberries
Inedible Blueberries
Inedible Broccoli
Inedible Butter
Inedible Cabbage
Inedible Canola
Inedible Carrots
Inedible Charki
Inedible Cheese
Inedible Cherries
Inedible Chestnuts
Inedible Cheval
Inedible Chicken
Inedible Chickpeas
Inedible Chilies
Inedible Coffee Beans
Inedible Corn
Inedible Cream
Inedible Cucumbers
Inedible Duck Meat
Inedible Eggplants
Inedible Eggs
Inedible Figs
Inedible Fish
Inedible Flour
Inedible Ginger
Inedible Grapes
Inedible Honey
Inedible Kale
Inedible Leeks
Inedible Lettuce
Inedible Milk
Inedible Mulberries
Inedible Mushrooms
Inedible Mutton
Inedible Oats
Inedible Olives
Inedible Onions
Inedible Oranges
Inedible Parsnips
Inedible Peaches
Inedible Pears
Inedible Peas
Inedible Pecans
Inedible Peppers
Inedible Plums
Inedible Pork
Inedible Potatoes
Inedible Pumpkins
Inedible Quinces
Inedible Radishes
Inedible Raspberries
Inedible Rice
Inedible Rockmelons
Inedible Roots
Inedible Rye
Inedible Sorghum
Inedible Soybeans
Inedible Spinach
Inedible Squash
Inedible Strawberries
Inedible Sugar Beets
Inedible Sunflowers
Inedible Tomatoes
Inedible Tulips
Inedible Turnips
Inedible Venison
Inedible Walnuts
Inedible Watermelons
Inedible Wheat

Inedible Meat
Inedible Fruits
Inedible Grains
Inedible Vegetables

If you want to download all of these without having to click them all individually, here's a handy download link with them all packed together in a zip file.

If you're using any of these mods with an otherwise Vanilla version of Banished, you'll need to use this little fiix mod to allow the vanilla buildings to understand the inedible foods.