I've watched a lot of Banished YouTubers...

I'm not sure if my channel has some of the info you're looking for, but I do my best to explain the "why" behind everything. Plus I tend to play on the more Harsh settings so I do spend most of my time focused on mechanics. One of my first series was on an Adam & Eve start, as I saw so many post along the lines of; "How do you DO that!"

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I had my first "ah hah" moments (sometimes it's an achievement LOL) was the short series created by Black Squid.  I loved hearing him talk about American history and how the game incorporated it but too bad it ended after 3 short episodes. 

I wish more would limit videos to 30 minutes instead of rambling on and on. Brocken, I think that was his handle, suggested what to build first, second, and so forth and why he did it this way.  I'm trying his techniques and I found they work.  Four attempts later and I've finally gotten a workable set up in hard mode.  I'm using his suggestions and taking my time developing my first forest hub and trying to grow my first town center.  Love it and forces me to develop this first town center with "Tier One" housing only and not play in my habitual way of putting houses in my old way.  I wish he'd continue or someone would to show strategies and tips to build up to middle and then advanced.  It's a chore when I don't have the people or resources available such I might have in medium or easy settings.  

Thanks for letting me ramble in my own way.  Everyone here is awesome and thanks.