I'm looking for CC addons
I very like Colonial Charter modification and I'm looking for addons fo CC. I found them in MM8.01 so then I installed them but I had to uninstall it because the game was very unstable on my low-spec laptop with MM (just too many mods in the one modification Tongue).  
I'm looking for addons for CC, because I like this modification and these addons are making CC more fun. I couldn't find them anywhere, so then can you made an additional CC mod package? I copied mod names from MM 8.01 list
  • Bakery Plus v3
  • Blacksmith Tools v5
  • Brick Tunnel v1
  • Build Monuments v1
  • CC Modular: Docks, Frontier,
  • Orchard Foresters, Stacked
  • Shops & Houses
  • Clean Meat v1
  • Color Roads v3
  • Covering v2
  • Debug Menu
  • Firebundler Firewood v3
  • Fish Farm Edit v3
  • Grassy Roads v3
  • Gridlines v2 beta
  • Grow Ginger v1
  • Grow Rice v1
  • Grow Roots v1
  • Happiness Radius v2
  • Jade Quarry v1
  • Legalized Marijuana v3
  • Livestock for Trade v1
  • Marble Quarry v1
  • Mini Buildings v7
  • Mission Bell Tower w/kid1293
  • Renewable Resources v2 beta
  • Soup Kitchen v2
  • Stable v1
  • Statue Plus v1
  • Terraform v0 beta
  • Tropical Greenhouse v1
  • Unhappiness Radius v1
  • Zombie Tombstones v1
Thank you for answer Smile

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