I'm looking for CC addons
I very like Colonial Charter modification and I'm looking for addons fo CC. I found them in MM8.01 so then I installed them but I had to uninstall it because the game was very unstable on my low-spec laptop with MM (just too many mods in the one modification Tongue).  
I'm looking for addons for CC, because I like this modification and these addons are making CC more fun. I couldn't find them anywhere, so then can you made an additional CC mod package? I copied mod names from MM 8.01 list
  • Bakery Plus v3
  • Blacksmith Tools v5
  • Brick Tunnel v1
  • Build Monuments v1
  • CC Modular: Docks, Frontier,
  • Orchard Foresters, Stacked
  • Shops & Houses
  • Clean Meat v1
  • Color Roads v3
  • Covering v2
  • Debug Menu
  • Firebundler Firewood v3
  • Fish Farm Edit v3
  • Grassy Roads v3
  • Gridlines v2 beta
  • Grow Ginger v1
  • Grow Rice v1
  • Grow Roots v1
  • Happiness Radius v2
  • Jade Quarry v1
  • Legalized Marijuana v3
  • Livestock for Trade v1
  • Marble Quarry v1
  • Mini Buildings v7
  • Mission Bell Tower w/kid1293
  • Renewable Resources v2 beta
  • Soup Kitchen v2
  • Stable v1
  • Statue Plus v1
  • Terraform v0 beta
  • Tropical Greenhouse v1
  • Unhappiness Radius v1
  • Zombie Tombstones v1
Thank you for answer Smile
I discovered that all mods that I wanted are actually in the first part of Mega Mod. So then if somebody is interested with expanding CC without burning your PC you can just install First part of Mega Mod. The game works normally, but sometimes you can occur a crashes when you use a "doubled toolbar" (sometimes it appears), so the safest option is using the last toolbar. 
It's just a nice tip for people who searched those mods, but keep on your mind that your game sometimes can randomly crash, because normally you should use all 3 parts.
Edit: Apiary and Beekeepers aren't implemented in the first part MM

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I put together a strong system because of my great interest and I have no problem running it, but the plugins are great too.