Housing Office

what estherhb was trying to point out is the age at which the bannies will marry does vary. i use a propertime mod for aging changes. there are several different mods with different versions.they also affect the bannies school age,marriage age,death ages. many things that can affect the population growth rate.mine generally go to school about 10 so they won't marry and have children til they are 16. there is another factor as well. sometimes they will move out from their parents at a younger age but not pair up til an older age.the game does do some of that randomly too.

     your way works for you. mine is slightly different but very similar. i divide the number of adults by 2 instead of families.it works. early in game i do click houses and micro-manage more.before i start a school and if i am using smaller houses,i will move girls out earlier and sometimes split families. the females will still have more babies,just not live with the husnband and all the kids.if you play adam&eve this helps get your population started.