Help on Banished vs Ryzen
Desktop Specifications:

Ryzen 7 2700
NVIDIA GTX 1060 6gb
16g Ram
HD 3tb 7200

I know the specs aren't a big deal, but I play most games without a hitch.

However, in Banished, whenever I reach a high number of population or even increase, the production chain starts freezing.

Even in vanila with 500 population it starts to freeze.

On the map I currently play with Mega Mod 9 I'm avoiding creating all the production chains, as I like to do and I'm using the trade post to acquire the products.
It could be that this helps performance.

I believe Banishes is not built to use mult-thread but is there any way to improve game performance and avoid freezes?

Even using Banished installed on SSd with the increase of the map the freezes happen.
It would seem that Banished is inherently limited by the way it is written.

I only have a Ryzen 5 6-core and a RTX580 graphics card. I run Banished from an SSD.

I don't get freezes, but I do get an overall slowdown starting at around 800 population. That is, starting around 800 people the game just smoothly slows down. Map scrolling also slows down, the UI becomes sluggish, the people walk slower, etc.

Perhaps Luke's next game will not have these problems?
Thanks for the answer.

Here it starts to freeze with 800 population in vanila.

With Mega Mod with 600 it is practically impossible to play.

It does not start to slow down as the citizens do not perform, or are slow to perform the tasks.

Even on a notebook with the following specification:

Core i7 9750h
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660Ti
16g ram

the same problem occurs.

It's frustrating because I'd like to create an extra large map to take advantage of everything Mega Mod 9 offers.
Turning down shadows quality and limiting the reflection to surfaces can help, especially on large maps with fancy trees and lots of water. Regular restarts also help. As does clearing lots of trees (many shadows on those).
The bottleneck is in the way the game will not take full advantage of your GPU or CPU but apparently limits itself to just one core and has lots of stuff calculated on it instead of on the GPU.
I'd also recommend saving spots on the map to take advantage of the "center view on this saved spot" function to keep track of important areas instead of trying to scroll around.

But really, the AI gettting confused after a while is probably the most dangerous issue, and the only way around that is to turn down the speed and restart regularly to clear old cached stuff.
I will make adjustments to the settings as suggested.

I'm playing on a map where I'm focusing on trade.

And I'm having success.

Strange that Banished runs better on Core i7 than on Ryzen.
If I may add:

I'd like to mention that my computer (same specs as my previous post) runs No Man's Sky on full graphics settings with almost no troubles at all.

But little old Banished will bring it to it's knees.