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[font=Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, sans-serif]This mod keeps crashing my game (Banished Ver. 10.7 Build 170910). I start the game, setup the option (Name, Seed etc). When the game finishes loading the map, and if I don't like the map, I go to the menu and quit to the main menu that is when it crashes (a fatal access violation message, image attached). Any ideas please.[/font]

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The "crashing when closing the town to get back to the main menu" is a very classic crash that comes from the changes to your modlist not being correctly handled by the game.
It will happen with any mod or any change in load order, unless you remember to take the extra step of closing and restarting Banished to force the game to commit the changes to memory correctly.

Basically, when you make any change to your modlist, the game asks you to confirm the changes, and then reloads automatically to apply the changes. Once that automatic reload is done, you must entirely exit Banished and restart before you create a new town.

It means double the loading time when you make a change to your mods, but it will spare you the crashes afterwards. It's a reflex to get: Never make a change in your modlist without doing a manual restart before playing. Smile
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I have the same issue with the mod crashing, but I can't seem to get the game to load at all. I am wondering if my laptop just can't handle it. It's not a gaming laptop, and the vanilla version will load just fine. It just seems like it can't load Colonial Charter for some reason.
Is it crashing to desktop with an error message, or giving you a super long black screen?

If it's the second case, sometimes alt-tabbing and coming back to the game will speed things up, but it's basically a long loading time issue. CC can take a little while to load, MegaMod can take ages on "old" laptops.