Happy town with Happy folks

How do you get that elusive last half-heart or half-star, to achieve perfect health and happiness?

I'm on my usual roll, playing nice easy spacious agricultural cities. working up to 750-1000 folks with TONS of food and supplies, getting my layouts just right, then moving on to the next map.

Rectic (weird name - maybe too close to rectum) was up to ~550 folks, with 44444 foods (symmetry is also very pleasing to me) when I realized all that was left to do was grow. Except that last bit of heart or star....

Rectic has parks, bars, libraries, hospitals, cemeteries, statues, plenty of trees, flowers and deco, fully fed, educated and clothed folks, variety of menu, leisure, occupation, well maintained roads, plenty of storage, healthy trade, etc.

i have given them utopia, so why the hell aren't they perfectly healthy and happy?

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You might be able to increase Health by building in-town herbalists that are easier for people to visit. (I'm assuming they already get all 4 food groups.)  For happiness, you'll need more buildings with happiness such as wells, churches, bakeries, civic buildings, etc. Helps to have the happiness and unhappiness radius mods (included with MegaMod).  You especially need happiness buildings near any place that causes unhappiness (such mines, quarries and those spewing smoke).  I'm surprised that you don't have any students - no schools? (You do know that uneducated workers produce less?) I know that older people become more unhappy not sure about uneducated ones.


Buildings like mines reduce happiness, so it's possible that people working there drop a star while at work. You can try building wells around the quarries/mines/heavy industry types of buildings. It might keep people from getting unhappy at work and allow you to reach that global 5 star.

It's also entirely possible that you have that one grumpy person in your town whose (buggy) happiness never updates and stays stuck on 1 or 2 stars, whatever you do. In that case you'll have to wait for him/her to die.


I'm always careful to keep houses out of unhappiness radii, but I do need to consider this for work areas. I guess I just assumed that work places didn't have a happiness factor...   i mean, how many people have said: "I hate my job" IRL?  [img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png[/img]/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20" />



give the bannies more ale.make sure they have a wife or husband,be sure they aren't crowded in thier houses. a cematary. don't forget the few citizens hiding in the forest areas. they need grain.without a market nearby they will not stock it.they will take the fruit,roots,and deer meat but have no grain. it could also be the game itself. mine will show 99% clothed,even if i have 1000 coats.


      when you get done,try the Norseman mod by TOM SAWYER. he has made it so happiness has more influence to the game. the bannies start with 3 stars.


This is a late reply, but with the half heart, it could be that somewhere you have a few homes that aren't served by a market, and so they're getting food from a barn that doesn't have all four food groups.  Or, you're using specialized markets like a Protein Stall, and some citizens are filling up their house from there, even though they could step right next door (or wherever) and get the rest of their needs met.  I think single food group markets are problematic for this reason, and either use general or edibles markets.