Going Back to Unmodded Banished Challenge
I came back to Banished after half a year of not playing.  First thing I do everytime I come back to the game is come here to check for updates to CC or MM and start a new map.  I saw that there hasn’t been an update since I played last, but there is an upcoming update to MM so I decided to not start a new map yet.  At least not one with mods.  I decided to go back to unmodded to try and finish up the 21 steam achievements I was missing; on one map!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to play without mods because I use one of the aging mods that help with population swings.  But I am actually managing to do it.  Here is my progress so far…

Getting “300 pop with no schools” and “300 pop with no trading postings” and “400 pop with no farming” was rough.  I didn’t want to fill up my map with mines, so once my initial stock of tools was gone, I didn’t make anymore for a long time.  My only food options were hunters, gatherers and fishing at this stage, and I quickly found out that fishers are terrible with no tools, less than 100 food per person.  Thankfully hunters and gatherers were still pretty decent, so I built as many forest nodes as I could.  I ended up reaching a little over 100 people without tools. 

Food was getting hard to come by, so I decided it was time to start working my mine and making tools.  This was a very slow stage with very low population growth, but my food started increasing as the fisherman got tools.  Maintaining tool supply was difficult at first cause I didn’t have enough laborers to send to the mines, but as fisherman got more efficient I was able to send some of them to mine instead.

I kept slowly expanding, adding a few more forest clusters and fishing piers and almost got to 300 people when I realized I was having a major population crisis.  I was over confident and didn’t think I needed to check on population stability as often…Ooops…  No one was having kids, and I didn’t have very many people left that were childbearing age.  So I quickly turned the few I had left into couples.  My population dropped to under 250 and I was getting worried, food production and tool supply were dropping.  Thankfully a group of nomads showed up a few years later and I was able to get more kids quickly.

Once I hit 300 population, things got way easier.  I built a few trading posts to import food.  Once I had a surplus of food, I started educating people.  My town got way more efficient, and then when I got to 400 people, I was finally able to start building farms, it has been smooth sailing, minus the occasional population booms and falls that I have to slow down and fix.

I got the achievement for “600 pop” last night.  The hardest ones I have left are “900 pop” and “500 pop after 200 yrs” (I just barely reached the 100 yr mark).  The other ones I have will be easy, like stocking the trading post with some supplies.

Shew…that was hard work.  Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to share my adventure with someone!