Generic Versus Specific Resources

tinned cuccumbers is pickles the game is the problem is the menu has gotten too huge. it sounds good to have different varieties like fish=bass,trout,catfish,salmon,etc. the problem is the "etc". i have 1 idea since i live here but someone else has another idea cause they live we have many names for the same item and several species does become an encyclopedia list of items. the other side is themod coding. as you have seen with the wine,to make various wines you have to change what the input is for each different item. if i make jelly from berries,i have to list each type of berry separately and then you have to choose which berry the building will use.when it runs low on strawberry it won't just use blueberry. it will stop work until you tell it to change. it becomes tedious and does add more work for the modders too.


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