Friesian Cows

Black and white Friesian Cows are raised in Pastures by Herdsmen. This type of cow produces Milk unlike Beef Cows. (In the United States, Friesian cows are known as ""Holsteins"".)  

Milk is used by the Dairy to make Cheese, Butter, and Cream. Butter and Cheese can be used by the Bakery to make Bread or Cheese Bread.

When slaughtered, Friesian Cows produce Beef, Bonemeal, and Leather, but not as much per year as Beef Cows because they don't reproduce as fast.

Purchase Price:  800

Pasture Space:  20 squares per cow; for example a 10 x 20 Pasture will hold 10 Friesian Cows


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Milk (all year)

When slaughtered:  Beef, Leather and Bonemeal


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They do give meat too when killed, but if I remember correctly they reproduce slightly slower than the beef cows, so the meat output is a bit lower.
They're designed to be different like that in the mod. Friesian cows would be overpowered and there would be no point in ever getting the Beef cows if they both ended up giving you just as much meat, with the Friesians giving milk on top of that.
The way to balance things was to lower the amount of meat you get from friesians, and since you get meat when farmers kill an animal because there are too many in the pasture, the simplest way was to make the friesians didn't breed as fast.