Hi, when I try and buy food from merchants I get the message " not enough storage for this item " and yet I'm in need of it as I get the message food supply LOW. Is this some kind of a bug or what can be done to overcome this problem.
By the way, I have come down to about 1500/2000 food units and still get that message.
Please help.
Do you have enough barns to store the food you're trying to buy? People need barns to store things. Having just markets doesn't really work, few people will bring things to the market directly. If your barns are filled with other stuff, you might not have enough space to put that food. If you're using specialized storage, make sure the food you are trying to buy is the right type of food. If you have a grain silo and are trying to buy fruits, that won't work. I usually place large general barns near my trade posts for that reason.

Second point: The "low food" alert happens each time you cross a threshold, based on the foold limit you've set (10 or 15% of the limit?). If that threshold falls on 2000 and that's your averaged stored food at the moment, you'll get a low food alert whenever someone takes food home and gets your supply to drop under, and also get pinged the next time someone brings food in and gets you over 2000 again. I generally put supoer high food limits at the start so I'm never hovering around that threshold. Same for wood, iron or stones.

Third point: each person eats 100 food per year (even the 1yo babies) and people tend to fill their houses with as much as they can. Having "low" food as in not enough for everyone to pick what they need in one trip will result in people walking around a lot to bring food home little bit by little bit. A mostly safe buffer would be to have 1 year of food in advance, 2 years to be perfectly safe. So if you have more than 20 people with that 200 food, you're in the danger zone Smile
I suppose it's a more simpler problem, I guess you don't have enought space in the trader post.
Check if the storage bar is full, in the trader's first tab.