Flag Poles

Flag Poles are found by choosing Decorative Items > Statues and Flags > Flags

Flag Poles are decorative elements used to indicate which nation your colonists belong to. The flag set primarily includes those of the major colonial powers of the time period plus a few others. Included are flags from: France, Great Britain, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Courland, Portugal, Scotland, Augsburg, Tuscany, Vikings, Brandenburg, Hospitallers, Colonial America and American "Don't Tread on Me". Choose the one you want by cycling with the ‘F’ key.

Flags are also available as Ghost Decorations (choose Decorative Items > Ghost Decorations > Statues and Flags > Flags).

Historical notes from the Historical Director:

French, British, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish and Portuguese need no explanation: these are well known colonial powers from the period of 1600-1700.

The Vikings are known to have settled in North America around the year 1000, and there are many stories of trips to the New World before Columbus. There is a record of a marriage in the Viking colony of Greenland as late as 1408. Contact was lost in the 15th century, and by 1500 the colony had disappeared. In <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr>, the "Viking" nation and flag represents an alternate history where the colony did not die out. (Fan Choice #1)

Denmark sponsored colonies on St. Thomas and St. John (Caribbean islands) in the late 1600s and purchased St. Croix from France in 1733. These were called the Danish West Indies.

Motivated by the tale of El Dorado, the Welsers of Augsburg sponsored a colonial effort in Venezuela - Klein Venedig or ""Little Venice"". The Welsers sent German miners and African slaves to the colony before it ended in 1546. 

The ""Brandenburgisch-Africanische Compagnie"" of Brandenburg leased part of the island of St. Thomas from the previously mentioned Danes in 1685, as well as opening several African trading posts. The in-game flag is thanks to a lovely Redditor who helped me find a historically accurate flag and cleaned up the file. (Fan Choice #2)

The Duchy of Courland (in modern-day Latvia) colonized the island of Tobago throughout the 1600s. 

The ""Darien Scheme""  was a failed attempt by the Kingdom of Scotland to establish a colony in Panama on the Gulf of Darien in the late 1690s.

From 1651 to 1665 the Knights Hospitaller owned four Caribbean islands and attempted to turn them into profitable colonies. (Fan Choice #3)

In search of Brazilian wood the King of Tuscany sent an Englishmen and Italian settlers to the Amazon in 1608, but failed when the King died and the successor was no longer interested. 

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