Fatal acces violation

6 minutes ago, KevinTheCynic said:

Hey <a contenteditable="false" data-ipshover="" data-ipshover-target="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/6032-rejectedegg/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="6032" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/6032-rejectedegg/">@rejectedegg</a> I was browsing one of the other help threads and saw that you a mod for better rain sounds (I think that was the name). Now I am just throwing a random thought out here because I don't really know enough, but have you tried large maps without that specific mod activated?

I'm just thinking that maybe the issue is not graphics related but perhaps audio related? It's not common from what I can tell from my limited reading on the net but it does sometimes happen that sound files screw up on larger game maps (not specifically Banished but I vaguely recall it from some older game or other).

And again, for those folks who do actually know about this stuff, please feel free to correct my amateur troubleshooting.

I also use Quiet <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr>.

Better Rain Sounds I have used for a very long time.

But I waited almost 3 days for the Red Brick Walls before I got them finally (I would thank the person who got them to me but not sure he wants me to go blabbing about it  lol)

So I guess I can try to do process of elimination method.   

But since the crashes can happen at any given moment I really don't know how much of a time frame to give before trying the next mod.

I could be at this for a month  lol




<a contenteditable="false" data-ipshover="" data-ipshover-target="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/6032-rejectedegg/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="6032" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/6032-rejectedegg/">@rejectedegg</a> yeah I understand that. [img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/5846341cb1c1b_EmojisApplebyKawaiiDarkToxic477.png[/img]

My latest mod problem was with the Train Fever game where I had to selectively disable/enable dozens of mods (that add extra vehicles to the game) to try and pinpoint which one was causing a CTD. That took about half a week when all I wanted to do was play the damned game!


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I am using <abbr title="MegaMod">MM</abbr> +40 others along side it.  So 95+ 40.

But most of those mods I have used in the past.

The only ones different is   Washing Mod, Christmas Mod, the secret mod &Brick Tunnel

And I haven't even used any part of them yet.


*Bangs Head Hard on Wall*

I am dreading the thought of testing all those out  [img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/584634be8a574_EmojisApplebyKawaiiDarkToxic535.png[/img]

I will need a grave dug because by the time I get done testing them all one by one I will need it.   lol[img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin.png[/img]/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" title=":D" width="20" />


<a contenteditable="false" data-ipshover="" data-ipshover-target="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/314-kevinthecynic/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="314" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/314-kevinthecynic/">@KevinTheCynic</a>   ugh I just had another thought

The 95 that are included in <abbr title="MegaMod">MM</abbr>

Well what ones of them that I don't have already I will have to go find 

I guess I will report back at this time in 2018  [img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/5846341d6f454_EmojisApplebyKawaiiDarkToxic478.png[/img]


My brain is currently refusing to even try to calculate up how many hours that is gonna take to do.

I mean 135 mods 

Each tried individually

then trying them one at a time along with 1 other mod

[img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/blink.png[/img]/emoticons/blink@2x.png 2x" title="O.o" width="20" />[img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/rolleyes.gif[/img]/emoticons/rolleyes@2x.png 2x" title="9_9" width="20" />[img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/happy.png[/img]/emoticons/happy@2x.png 2x" title="^_^" width="20" />[img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/sleep.png[/img]/emoticons/sleep@2x.png 2x" title="-_-" width="20" />[img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/wacko.png[/img]/emoticons/wacko@2x.png 2x" title=":S" width="20" />[img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/5846341cb1c1b_EmojisApplebyKawaiiDarkToxic477.png[/img][img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/584634be8a574_EmojisApplebyKawaiiDarkToxic535.png[/img]

Vanilla is starting to look good again  



OK, I didn't expect all this, so quickly!

As <a contenteditable="false" data-ipshover="" data-ipshover-target="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/314-kevinthecynic/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="314" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/314-kevinthecynic/">@KevinTheCynic</a> said, there have been reported crashes because of audio, as well.

There is a lot to sift through, but first, a few questions:

1. Does the game crash on any other map size (with all mods installed) than (what is it?) extra large?

2. Are you running the modder's version?  Does it crash on the release version (non-modder's version)?  Doesn't the modder's version offer a running log for diagnosing purposes (I haven't looked into this yet)?

3. Have you tried clearing texture (shader) cache?

4. How often are you crashing?

I'm still thinking it is probably the texture\shader handling (corrupt file, multi-threading GPU problem, etc., but audio is still something to consider).

Fortunately for me, I'm not getting the error, but like I said, that makes it very difficult to diagnose.

Can you repeat your system specs on this thread so I don't have to jump around?

Also, I'm watching my 4 year old graddaughter while her mom is picking up my mom!  I will be entertaining until after the holidays....

Either way, this may take awhile and, since others (really knowledgeable folks, I would think) have looked into this, there may not be a simple answer.  In other words, unless the author gets Involved, it will not be a quick fix or, may not be fixable.  Plus, I'm great at diagnosing to a certain point, but I am no guru!  I do, however, have years of programming, troubleshooting, and diagnosing experience.

I'll give it my best!  I don't want to get hopes up only to disapoint.....


<a contenteditable="false" data-ipshover="" data-ipshover-target="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/9310-trasd/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="9310" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/9310-trasd/">@Trasd</a>

Have never even tried Very Large to be honest.  Due to my crashes on Large  lol

 1)I usually just play on Medium,  and the answer is I have had a few crashes even on it but near as many as on Large.

2) I have no clue what yo speak of here.   I am currently using <abbr title="MegaMod">MM</abbr> (which has 95 mods and counting packed into it). 

Most of the mods I am using I have used for a very long time and I keep them updated.  

I have done went through 2 computers and am now one my third in my time playing Banished ( which was shortly after it's release).

I know I never used to crash this often when I was using Banished version 1.04.

However I am a big BL fan so I tend to try to keep up with what they put out.

And to have to play without <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr> would mean I would just quit playing Banished altogether.

Don't get me wrong, I am not blaming my crashing on BL or <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr>.

I had come crashing even before I became I big user of their stuff.

So I don't believe it is anything they have put out that is causing this.


I just can't figure it out.  

I can't understand why a computer like the one I am currently playing on can't handle such a game as this when I can play bigger , heavier games than this with no issues at all.

I mean, I can completely understand it when I had crashes occur on my All-In-One that had a Intergrated graphics card in it.

But on this computer.....

I am stumped.

The only thing I can think of is maybe I am somehow running out of memory?  Possibly I have a memory leak somewhere in one of the mods or the game itsself has one?

But to me it would seem that if the game had a Memory Leak then everyone would be crashing , not just a select few.





<a contenteditable="false" data-ipshover="" data-ipshover-target="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/9310-trasd/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="9310" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/9310-trasd/">@Trasd</a>  I was able to go back to an older save and I am still playing the game at this very moment.

I even re-did everything just the same way I did it last night and couldn't reproduce the crash.

And the map it is using is a Large map.


<a contenteditable="false" data-ipshover="" data-ipshover-target="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/9310-trasd/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="9310" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/9310-trasd/">@Trasd</a>  There is one post I put on this thread  http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/topic/32-very-large-maps-with-lakes/&page=3#comment-1697

It's on page 3  and I posted up some of my computer specs on it.

Not sure if you saw that yet or not [img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png[/img]/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20" />