Farms by resource type

With so many different seeds available to use now, would it be possible to add new farm field variants by type as was done by adding plantations for non-food growable items. In this, I mean giving option to add a vegetable field, fruit field, and grain field so only those such items could be planted there. I can see this being a useful addition myself for it would assist in food type balance iI start running into after about 1200 population, but would prove just as useful in early games.


Edit: In messing around with this option, I have concluded it may become a little confusing for some by adding additional farm type to keep up with. In light of this I tried to see if it would be possible to alter the Town Hall graph for food to separate the current single food bar into four (4) food types (grain, protein, fruit, & vegetable). I have limits (medical) to how much time I can spend in modding if anyone may know ahead of time if this can be done, as I never tried messing with the graphs in Town Hall. Thanks in advance


To my way of thinking, adding categories in the towns inventory where you can already choose between quantity and normal would work to change the inventory screen to view the food separate from the resources, or the resources from the crafted, etc... and I would love for this to happen, cuzz when searching for your food to see what needs what can take a very long time.  Sorting by category would by far change the scope of searching for various things.  I would love to see the inventory follow the new categories given in the game.


yeah but you know. we cannot modify the game. the game is set in a way and we need to deal with it. make mods is not programming. many people has hard with this, they imagine we can change the game.


The game has good and has flaws, we have no choice but live with it as Luke did. Hopefully his* 2nd game will be better.


your field option might be doable with some twists. RED has orchards set to fruit in the RK mod.this separates 1 from the 3 crop could make a field mod with a shed to grow the grain.thenuse  the fields to grow veggys. the mod would function as a work building but can be coded. it might grow food all year long thou. <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr> did design the plantation field texture.they might be abe to give you input on developing a 3rd option.


   another option would be to create new seeds. a veggy seed exists to grow a mixture of veggys in 1 field and then a sorter separates them after harvest.  KID did that. you could cre3ate a grain and a fruit seed and resort them after harvest as well. instead of buying all the many seeds you would only need to buy the grain,veggy,and fruit seeds.this way does take more workers. it wont by itself change the field ground texture.