Easy as Pie

i am playing again, and was so pleased to see my first random map give me my favorite things: oats, cherries, spinach, llamas.

in game, thanks to oats, i will be able to start domestic animal (DA) production almost immediately, and that means dairy for everyone (plus my town will thrive in trade as DA are quite valuable). thanks to cherries, i will have yoghurt. thanks to llamas, i will have clothing. plus i adore how kicky llamas look when they move.

IRL, i had frozen black cherry yoghurt with oatmeal cookies just the other day. yummy! and spinach is my all time favorite vegetable. i eat it raw right out of the bag, like potato chips, only way healthier... And while i was not playing banished recently, i did have llamas - and freezer bunnies and plumbobs and cowplants...

so it seems like this map was MADE for me. *sigh* i love this game