Ducks. They fly and quack. They're also tasty and have pretty feathers.

Your Banished citizens will enjoy hunting those ducks either at the Hunting Cabin or in Hunting Blinds for both Duck Meat and Feathers.


Ducks can also be raised in Pastures by Herdsmen. Don't worry if they seem to fly away, they will come back!

  • Purchase Price: 600

Pasture Space: 6 squares per Duck; for example, a 7 x 9 pasture will hold 10 Ducks

Products: Ducks in a Pasture provide eggs like Chickens do. After a Pasture becomes full, any extra Ducks will be slaughtered and provide:

  • Duck Meat

  • Feathers

  • Bonemeal

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Ducks that you have in your Pasture as Livestock will produce Eggs periodically, yes. Just like Chickens do.

Ducks that you may see wild and are hunted by your Hunter will not give you eggs.