Distances and Spreading Out
I have a few questions on distances. I'm hoping someone can help me  figure this all out.      

1.  What are the radius circles on the Bakery. Does that mean only houses within that radius can use the bakery? or does the bakery have to be within a certain radius of a Mill?

2. When I spread out all over the map with little pockets of communities, can they all access objects across the other side of the map in the main central town? I usually add a school, market and lots of barns (which fill up at an alarming rate) to my little communities.

3. For example, if I put a tavern, Bakery and other luxury buildings in town, can my citizens from across the map and across the river visit those places or do I need to set up those buildings around my other communities?

I would appreciate any help on this.  At the moment I  have 312 Adults, 80 Students, and 58 kids.  I'm in year 79 and have 573,000+ food. I haven't set up any luxuries or water yet.

Thanks Smile
no idea why your bakery has a radius. it does not mean anything that i know of.could be to add happiness is all i can think of.

as for bannies moving far for goods, etc. they normall stay in a small area. they will travel if something is not nearbby,such as firewood. they will waunder out to collect that or some other needed item. this is where the radius does matter,you have them for markets. i usually build several villages,each with a firewood cutter,tailor,and blacksmith. there are mods for smaller markets as well.

there are exceptions,such as if you were using the Nortgh mod. happiness is more needed in that play. you will need to make sure the bannies have alcohol and plan the villages differently. also distance matters to schools. education will take longer. it does take time to walk the distances as well.
Thanks stiles, I'll make sure all my little communities have the needed things you suggested, blacksmith etc. I will also add a pub within their reach. Do I need more than one Inn and Garden center? I guess it wouldn't hurt. I played the original Banished and got bored very quickly with it. Then I discovered the Mega Mod... now I'm too confused to be bored LOL I appreciate your reply.
(09-02-2020, 02:26 PM)bestistbuddy Wrote: Thanks stiles, I'll make sure all my little communities have the needed things you suggested, blacksmith etc. I will also add a pub within their reach. Do I need more than one Inn and Garden center? I guess it wouldn't hurt.  I played the original Banished and got bored very quickly with it. Then I discovered the Mega Mod... now I'm too confused to be bored LOL  I appreciate your reply.

Hi Bestistbuddy.

I'm like you, pretty new to the mega-mods after finding Banished interesting but not captivating. The Mega-mod changed that with the huge variety of building and professions now.

So here is my rookie advice.

Food matters, tools matter, clothing and education matter. Until all those are secure, and I mean really secure, don't bother with the advanced professions.

Once I feel safe from an immediate disaster I begin with the butchers and bakers and candle stick makers. But it's food I still concentrate on. It seems if I keep them fed and clothed they are happy without any luxuries.

But nobody has told me if processed food is better for the peeps than food straight from the farm.

Before bars and inns I usually go for the advanced construction materials as they have quite a long production line to follow. Building materials and housewares first. Then luxury housewares. So for those you either have to be buying or making things like silverware, copper pipes, bricks and joists. All these require their own production line as you first mines will always be on coal and iron ore for basic construction.

Your early mines will run dry soon so you will need candles to upgrade them, candles requires beeswax so you need a hive or two. The second upgrade will require lamp oil, made at a presser from either whale blubber or seed oil. Blubber you buy but seed oil you can make from oil seeds (Sunflower, canola, etc.)

You get my drift? I don't worry about luxuries until I have all the necessary construction materials coming in. I like building the larger houses and building so I need those supplies.
I've received some great advice on this site which has me to my largest population to date. Just under 1400 people, (800/300/300)

Now I'm finding new problems. If a Bannie's house is too far from his job, he will starve going home for lunch. So far it's only in the winter and only about a dozen a year. But it's worrisome. Next time on I'm going to follow these peeps and see if routing is the problem or if I have a food desert somewhere.

The next mod I'd like to see is a really really detailed yearly report on production and consumption. What I made and where it went.

The other thing that bugs me is the huge fluctuations you see in a single farm's production. From 700 one year to nothing the next then back to 700? If too many farms have a bad year it can lead to a death spiral.
Keep posting your progress and how you're doing so we can learn from each other. I'm with you still in the confused stage.
bannies have no preference to processed foods. in CC, processors may actually cost you food since CC is balanced on value not amounts.farmers work as laborers during the winter. if you have them busy and far away, they sometimes do not get back in time to plant fields. this will cost you food. plan your clearing less and less. you want the bannies to finish working as laborers so they get back to those fields.

i have not played the MM. i have played CC and add many mods myself. the CC is lumber oriented and the old limit system. this was upgraded in the last couple years. we used to not have minerals<they all used coal limit> construction materials<used the log limits> etc. hence CC developed a way to use more materials in building construction. this is the system you have. it is formed on increasing trade values of goods not amounts. this makes it hard to find a balance in game with the many workplaces. you will have too many of 1 item and not enuf of others. as such you may also need 5 workplaces to make the items required to build 1 building.

start slow. use rustic houses and learn the game better.read the notes here and other sites especially some of the city blog pages. build slowly to where you plan to go. remember too that you do not have to accept all nomads. you may find the game easier if you add a age mod that changes the speed at which the bannies age and breed down to 1 year and every few years to have children. some say it makes the game too slow. there are several versions of these around.

this year , i moved my map blogs off WOB to the North site-https://www.banishedventures.com/. i try to look at new mods and give tips along the way. did a landing fort from which the bannies can move out from and settle more lands. and did an Indian map with the various Indian mods. worked into being 4 villages.

1 thing i do recommend to new players is to make a list on paper of what your goals with the game are. do this before jumping into mods much. it is easy to keep adding more and more and forget what that goal was.think it helps give you a focal point to build toward.there are so many options with Banished now.