Distances and Spreading Out
I have a few questions on distances. I'm hoping someone can help me  figure this all out.      

1.  What are the radius circles on the Bakery. Does that mean only houses within that radius can use the bakery? or does the bakery have to be within a certain radius of a Mill?

2. When I spread out all over the map with little pockets of communities, can they all access objects across the other side of the map in the main central town? I usually add a school, market and lots of barns (which fill up at an alarming rate) to my little communities.

3. For example, if I put a tavern, Bakery and other luxury buildings in town, can my citizens from across the map and across the river visit those places or do I need to set up those buildings around my other communities?

I would appreciate any help on this.  At the moment I  have 312 Adults, 80 Students, and 58 kids.  I'm in year 79 and have 573,000+ food. I haven't set up any luxuries or water yet.

Thanks Smile
no idea why your bakery has a radius. it does not mean anything that i know of.could be to add happiness is all i can think of.

as for bannies moving far for goods, etc. they normall stay in a small area. they will travel if something is not nearbby,such as firewood. they will waunder out to collect that or some other needed item. this is where the radius does matter,you have them for markets. i usually build several villages,each with a firewood cutter,tailor,and blacksmith. there are mods for smaller markets as well.

there are exceptions,such as if you were using the Nortgh mod. happiness is more needed in that play. you will need to make sure the bannies have alcohol and plan the villages differently. also distance matters to schools. education will take longer. it does take time to walk the distances as well.
Thanks stiles, I'll make sure all my little communities have the needed things you suggested, blacksmith etc. I will also add a pub within their reach. Do I need more than one Inn and Garden center? I guess it wouldn't hurt. I played the original Banished and got bored very quickly with it. Then I discovered the Mega Mod... now I'm too confused to be bored LOL I appreciate your reply.