Directly Build Upgraded Buildings
First off, thank you for your years of work on this mod.  It's outstanding in its complexity and variety.

So, the building upgrade system in CC is pretty cool, letting you build the basic versions of buildings at lower cost, and without requiring the more advanced construction materials.  Then, when you have the time and resources to spare, you can improve them.  That is a good thing. 

However, I think you should also be able to directly construct those advanced versions of buildings.  Why not build a town smith or a Clothier directly, when you decide you need more production capacity?  And it honestly makes no sense to me to watch a worker bring resources, build a house, family moves in as soon as it's done, then when you upgrade it, they immediately tear it down, recover some of those resources, and start building another house.  It would be one thing if the people continued to live there and the new version was built as an extension or something, but it's completely rebuilt.  So, my suggestion is this: add direct construction options for all the upgraded versions of buildings.

I like to see how things look before I build them, and you can't really "preview" an upgraded building.