Deleting stuff from the game?
I normally use Resource Depots when I get too much of something that is hard to avoid getting too much of, but some stuff, like leather, has so much "weight" it fills up the depots in no time. 2500 leather will fill up a depot, but I can't avoid getting a lot of leather, both with 1 single hunting cabin, but also, and especially, with 28 Milk Pens. I need the milk, but I have little interest in the leather (I have 1 leather worker that makes more than enough cured leather). I also have no need for anything leather would buy me, as there are tons of products I produce that will give much more return. So, how do I get ridd of the leather? As of now I have 3 Resource Depots holding only leather (7,500), and I can't just keep on making more of them. I could of course sell all 7500 for a single item of something I don't need, but isn't there an easier way?
Short answer: you can't. There's no way to zap things out of existence in Banished.

The only way to get rid of stuff like leather in your case is a Trade Post. Fill it with the leather, and whenever a merchant shows up, dump ALL the leather on him to buy whatever you want.
In my case it's often a "Oh gosh, I really like that onion, here let me give you 800 units of wool for it!"

With CC, the "best" way to get rid of things would be to trade them for very high value items. Gold coins for examples. You'll save lots of inventory space while keeping value if you sell hundreds of bits of leather for some shiny coins.