Crop Values: Growth time/rating etc ?

Hi there, I'm looking for all the data regarding crops and trees. Does anyone know how to get hands on the crop's growth rates?

I want to write a simple program to calculate food outcomes, worker need, etc. but the last piece I need are these values.


Does this chart have the info you need?  Temperature Chart


good luck with the program i would like to see a chart after. the formula isn't simple. from what i have seen,crops grow slower at 70 or less than 80+. so if your summer temp hits 75 but most is below that,the crop takes longer to produce if the temp holds closer to 80,they can mature faster.that is normal crops not tropicals.have heard that above a certain temp growth does slow back down.think it is like 90+. most of the formula is in code not released by the game developer.