Creation of new resource types needed

Firstly, just gotta say I love this mod. Most mods are banal, game-breaking power increases with no downsides. This though... First mod in any game that actually made me feel lost when I first played it. Congratulations on that.


One pain point I did want to bring up though, with the latest patch that brought in a huge number of new types of materials, most of them have been congregated into only a few resource pools. ( example, Materials consists of half a dozen types crafting components and coal. ) The problem with this is, it's impossible to properly manage mass resource pools and invariably, the resource pool fills up with cheap filler while the mid-game components will not be produced because the resource pool they fall under has hit cap. Especially for pools with vast numbers of contributing basic resources like coal, cotton, wheat, etc it halts production of vital specific resources that lead to much higher quality, later game stuff. ( wheat is a perfect example. Food caps constantly, so no one harvests the wheat, so no flour is made. Meaning no bread. Same for sunflower kernels. No seed oil. Means no lantern oil, which means no mining building upgrades. So on, so forth ).


Is it possible to overhaul the resource categories or at least provide ways for individual buildings to be told "ignore the set quota for your resource type. Keep producing indefinitely and never stop"? 




There's a limited amount of flags that can be used. The last patch for Banished added more, but not enough to be able to have a more detailed kind of sorting than what we currently have. It was actually a lot more messy before that, when we had a lot less flags to use. So many things fell into the same category, it was quite a nightmare. [img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin.png[/img]/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" title=":D" width="20" />

As for letting buildings produce stuff without limits, as far as I'm aware that's not possible. I'm afraid the only solution is to raise the limits to the max an "export" the excess of stuff you don't want to clutter your town storage, or micro-manage the buildings a bit, to stop work in the ones producing the stuff you already have too much of.


Some other suggestions: 

  • If you have too much of anything, the easiest way to get rid of it is to trade it away. 

  • You can also look for ways to use the items, for example, Feathers (+ Reeds from a Reed Farm) can be used to make Survival Coats (an even better trade item if you don't need the coats). 

  • There are some mods that could help you. If barns fill up too fast, try the Ridiculous Storage mod (in Kralyerg's Kave of Krazy Kontraptions).

  • If you want to protect certain crops from being eaten before you can use them for other purposes, try the Inedible Mods (HERE).

  • If you want to avoid the Food Limit when growing crops, you can grow the crop in a Plantation field (which doesn't look at the Food limit to stop production; I think it uses the Textile limit.  Note that the food grown is still counted toward Food).


Huh... Alright, thanks both of you for the input. Wasn't aware that's how the game's coding worked.

I'm definitely already trying to sell off the excess via trade. It's just a matter of firstly figuring out which random resource it is that's clogging things up ( not immediately obvious to a first timer like me apparently ) and then getting enough of it into trade hubs and then finally get traders who bring in things I can actually use.


Take a look at your inventory at your town hall and sort it by quantity. That should help you spot the items with large quantities.