Crash on Start up?
Been using MegaMod for a while now without any problems, but recently started suffering crashes when trying to load a new save.

Uninstalled banished from steam, got rid of all the mod files and unsubscribed from all other mods- full fresh install.

Reinstalled Mega Mod- downloaded from this forumn, extracted the PKM files and copied them directly into the Banished WinData folder- and made sure mods were in correct order in game, then backed exited game and restarted as instructed.

Still isn't working on trying to start an new game- I get the violantion error, game looks like its still loading anyway, then it crashes.

Have tried loading in DX9 as well, but still suffering crash on start. Please help, cos I really love the variety in the Mega Mod.

Wanted to use the trains and the western style sets to build a frontier town, so its a real shame if i can't get it working.
With DirectX9 you also have a crash to desktop with an error message, or do you get "stuck" on a black screen?
make sure you have the latest version of banished. 1.07 but must b the final cut also.