Colonial Charter and Mega Mod
I've been playing with Colonial Charter and love it. It adds so much more to Banished.  Now I'm ready to try the Mega Mod with it, but have a couple of questions. Mods make me nervous LOL. but I like the house variations in mega mod.

1. If I add mega mod to my game, will it automatically be applied to any saved games I have that I open to play?

2. I don't want to start a new game, so if I play with mega mod installed, then don't like it, can I disable/delete it and then revert back to a saved game that was saved before adding mega mod?

3. What is the best way to add mega mod? I usually just add them through steam workshop.

I appreciate any help on this, thanks Smile
1 and 2 kinda go together for the answer:

MegaMod will not be applied to saves you made without MegaMod, so if you uninstall it and reinstall CC, and open those old saves again, they'll still work as they did before you used MegaMod on another town.

Adding MegaMod on an existing town is a great way to cause crashes because while CC is in MegaMod, there's a few things that will be tuned slightly differently. If you didn't build a lot of stuff from CC in your town, you'll most likely be OK, but if you have a large CC town, it's pretty risky.
Removing MegaMod from a town that uses MM buildings, to go back to CC will crash if you have built things from any of the dozens of other mods including in MM. Going back to a pre-MM save of that town might work, but then again sometimes the game is a bit clunky in the way it handles saves, so you might have a bad surprise.

Basically for 1&2: Your existing saves will be perfectly fine if you don't open them with MM, but if you want to use MM, do so for a brand new town.

Now for 3:
The version of MM in the Steam workshop is seriously outdated. It will seem to work until you produce (or get by trade) an item with a flag that's not handled the same way in the last Banished patch. You have to get MM from here, and it comes in 3 .pkm files inside the archive.

You have to drop those 3 files inside the Steam/SteamApps/common/Banished/Windata folder. Then launch Banished, go to the mod menu, disable CC, check that the 3 Megamod files are in order (1-2-3), enable them, confirm the changes as you close the mod menu so that the game reloads.
Once the automatic reload is done, entirely exit Banished and restart the game to make sure the changes were correctly commited to memory and the mod is properly loaded, then start a new town.
If you skip that "entirely exit and restart" step, you'l have crashes when you try to exit your town to get back to the main menu (super annoying when you're looking at all the different kinds of maps to pick what you want) or when you exit the game after playing.
Thank you so much for all that information. I didn't realize the mod on Steam was so outdated. I appreciate your reply Smile
I forgot to ask if there's a list of all the new houses in MM and how many occupants they hold. For example, I love the "Little House" and the "Nordic House" but it doesn't say how many they hold as a family, 4 -5- 6?