Colonial Charter: Mars

On 12/28/2017 at 3:19 PM, estherhb said:

animations are really limited in Banished

This is actually the reason that replacing the trading boat is hard. Not technically impossible, but very difficult. The trading boat has a set of rowing animations that we can't see to copy.  If Luke would release some of the original models then we could have an example to work from and see what the game is looking for.  But as it stands, doing it blind is a little difficult because we can't see what the game wants.


and also the fact it is linked extremly tight to the trading post and linked invisibly to the main river


Personally and it is only me, i rather would like more wild west, colonial, asian settings for Banished.


I know there is Chinese mod with asian setting, but is not working with <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr> i've heard.


About PlanetBase   you just need to do all the challenges for a great time  both the ones that come with the game and one made by modders..  Woot it is a blast!    learn where to choose your landing sites so they are more interesting then the majority of places..  When you find your self snaking up the coast crushed my mountians and the sea waiting to sink you to its depeths it becomes an  interesting game, I've pointed several people to the challenges and they've all said thank you!..  You can even make your own!