Colonial Charter 1.7 Dev Blog #1

8 hours ago, Discrepancy said:

I think with some clever texturing and using all those arches and cross beams, and the curves, most of the glass is broken up anyway. To simulate, I'd use a single plane with a semi transparent dirty/hazy/cracked etc texture behind all the iron work. We wouldn't have reflections though, so not really glass. But early glass was far from being perfect anyway. [img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png[/img]/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20" /> I'd give it a go if I didn't already have enough to do.

Reflective isn't really the issue, it's transparency or semi-transparency. I asked Kralyerg about his glasshouse and he said he tried to make the glass partially transparent but the glass texture went from being totally opaque to totally transparent. There was no middle ground, it was one extreme or the other. Ideally you'd want a texture that is mostly transparent so you can see plants and workers inside, but you also want the glass to get some snow cover in winter.

There are two greenhouse mods. Kral's is totally opaque and Red's is totally transparent. For it to really look good you need something in between but it seems that it can't be done. I don't know if materials can help, but I'm guessing they can't, because if they could then someone would have used them to make water that isn't opaque. But maybe I'm wrong?

Imagine how good one of these would look in the game. [img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/rolleyes.gif[/img]/emoticons/rolleyes@2x.png 2x" title="9_9" width="20" />





the problem with semi transparent textures, it doesnt accumulate snow, or at least i didnt succeeded to do so ....

i was even getting that trick to have an opaque texture and not getting snow on it .... ^^

Is it possible to have a semi-transparent texture in Banished? I don't mean one where half of it is transparent and half of it is opaque (like on trees). I mean the whole thing is partially transparent.

20 minutes ago, elemental said:

I mean the whole thing is partially transparent.


the way transparency works, is alpha channel.

All this is, is a special black layer on the image/texture. When you "paint" parts of it white, the game reads that as "Dont be transparent here" and the black parts become transparent. Theres no in between.

Yeah that's what I suspected and it's a shame. No realistic glasshouses or water. And yet the game does have water that looks pretty good. Weird.

ive just changed the ambient insect noise in the forests to birds... its amazing.

[Image: KGaZ21.jpg]


A set of wooden buildings is great, just missing a small wooden butcher. Is there a possibility to add such a building? Is the butcher can add offal and sausages eg. heart,  liver, kidneys, tongue ,ham,salami,black pudding,gammon,liver pate,hunter sausage ?

add chicken parts; breasts, legs, wings?

The second idea: a small dugout, where the hunter or butcher divides the meat and offal.

Dugout fit into the forest. Internet I found this:

Maybe someone will create a mod, it would be fantastic.

Please and thank you



Nice, I like those blacksmiths. They blend in surprisingly well with the vanilla one.

9 hours ago, taniu said:

Is there a possibility to add such a building?

There is



Meanwhile: Here's some of the new farming components (modular). You can also see ive built a custom garden bed at the back of one house.

[Image: Llxrdv.jpg]