Certain good won't sell at Trading Post
Please forgive me if this is an old subject, I suck at searching the forum.

I can't seem to sell alcohol and various other products (eg Furniture).  Is there something I am overlooking?  Is there a list of items that can only be consumed and not traded out.
Different Merchants take different items. Some won't take alcohol, others won't accept food, etc. This is true even in vanilla Banished. Since each trading post typically have 6 different merchants, it's usually only one that won't accept alcohol. But good to have a variety of items to trade. Firewood has been the choice of most people.

I'm not good at producing enough firewood for trade (besides, I find making charcoal with a Stacks Burner more cost effective). Ale & wine are usually my best bet. I also usually make a couple of Reed Farms from the Dock Set (make sure they have good access to the shore); they produce over 1000 reeds a year. Also, statues are good if you have extra logs/stone.