Can't Add Crop Farmers
I'm having a problem with adding farmers to my crop fields.  I'm doing 11x11 crop fiends and have laid out 15. I then chose the crop to plant in each field. Then I added 1 farmer to each field, but, the last field says 0 of 1 and has a question mark over it. I tried clicking on the next button that says how many farmers there are in total to add another farmer and it went to 15 (the same number of crop fiends I have), however, it still says 0 of 1 and the question mark is still there. There is also no option to increase the number 15. No up arrow to add more. So I'm stuck with having 15 workers listed but only 14 working and no way to add another farmer.  To be honest, this system has always frustrated me because I don't fully understand it.  Btw, I'm not using the employment sheet to add these farmers, I'm doing it by clicking on each field and adding the workers that way.... is that my problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated to help me understand this.
Is one of your fields using 2 farmers for some reason?

If the default max number of workers on one field is higher than 1 and that last field is further way than others, your farmers are possibly choosing to work in the fields closer to home. Try making sure your other 14 fields are at 1/1 worker.

Some buildings might also be using a "farmer" as worker (happens in some mods). You can pause the game and use the profession list to have a look at your 15 farmers by clicking on the > arrow at the right of the farmer's line in the list, then click on the little button with a tools icon at the top of the farmers' info window to center the view on their workplace. Make sure you do that while paused so job re-assignment doesn't mess things up.

If you cannot assign more than 15 farmers in total, it's probably because you don't have enough free workforce in your town. Once you have 0 laborer left, you'll have to unemploy someone before you can assign them a job. You'll also spot that in your profession list. It's usually a good idea to make sure you always have a free laborer or two in your town, in case an important worker dies and needs to be replaced automatically.
Thanks Vrayna, that worked, my fields were set to 2 workers by default. So I've set them all now to 1/1 and all fields are now working. Thanks Smile
sometimes takes awhile for the farmer to walk to the field also.