Best way to increase Health?

I am only using the Medieval 2.something mod at the moment as far as extra buildings go besides base.

My 2 adults are very happy but there health keeps going down. It's a very slow process to add buildings with just one worker, will adding more food types increase health?

What exactly will increase health besides physician's?


The Physician cures sick people but doesn't add to health.  Your people need a diet that includes all 4 food groups: fruit, grain, protein and vegetables.  An Herbalist can improve health a bit. You need one to gather herbs; your people will pick up herbs at the market and take them back to the Herbalist so she can make a potion for them.  


Thank you I thought so, I only had one type of food, and I have added a few more types now, hopefully that works.


This is a real challenge they had to much sex and made to many babies and now my only worker is doing nothing but grabbing food for a couple years just to survive until the oldest child comes of age. lol


try honey [img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png[/img]/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20" /> it gives at least 2 diets nutriment [img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png[/img]/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20" /> and if you have a vegetable crop... it will make you 3.

plant on orchard and let it seed... and after let it grow alone and wait 4-5 years till it gives fruits and you ll get all 4


thanks man, I haven't made the honey thing yet ill do that now, with fish, vension, and fruits/berries they are still all at 0 health, but there happiness is max lol hopefully the honey works. It's going at a snails pace because I only had 1 worker and 6 mouths to feed now I have 2 workers and 6 mouths to feed lol still don't have a trade post up yet. I just made the lighthouse in hopes of nomads.


My problem was actually the aging mod messing things up I think causing the health issue.


i am not sure if having 4 diet "increase" health. i rather think it "prevent" the lose of health.

and only herbalist will "increase" it. But if it is increasing faster than losing... and if you arent losing any ..... should be better with time.


3 hours ago, Ketchup said:

i am not sure if having 4 diet "increase" health.

Yeah, we can probably meet in the middle by saying that having all 4 food groups improves health... you can see that if you go without e.g. grain for a period of time, health decreases, but it's a gradual, slow process... then, once you bring in grain, health improves, again slowly and gradually.

Meanwhile, with the herbalist you see an immediate effect, health jumping up half a heart right away.  [img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png[/img]/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20" />



Actually I didn't use a herbalist at all even though I have one built I didn't have a worker in the building and I had one before and it really didn't do much.


Adding the honey worked great though, they slowly went back up to full health after a few seasons of the honey being introduced. Not sure what's in that honey but it must be amazing. Only other food items I had where from the gatherer, and I fished for a moment but I don't think the fish had anything to do with it. I really just had food coming from gatherer and the beehive and went up to max with just those 2 sources when previously I had the gatherer, the fish and vension and they were just staying at 0 health...gotta be the honey. lol