Batch replacing characters/words etc in .rsc or text files

I think I'm getting carpal tunnel syndrome from all this clicking. Does anyone who mods use any batch processing type programs for text or .rsc files? Something where you can replace every instance of a word in a bunch of files?


I use Notepad ++  - it has a replace word feature, but still it must be done individually to each .rsc. I don't know of a program that can batch change a group of files though.



... just had a look in notepad ++ again, the replace word feature can be set to replace all words in queued documents (notepad ++ can open more than one file at a time with tab system) this might help.


I use the free Bulk File Renamer for rsc files when I'm doing a kit set.

For code I just use find/replace in either Adobe Dreamweaver or Visual Studio (both pro paid coding products). As Discrepancy said, notepad++ is probably the best bet. Anything that will do find/replace. 


Thanks. I use bulk rename already for photo and work stuff, just downloaded Notepad ++. I'm trying to compile everything I've done so far into one package, and boy there are a lot of files to edit just one line in. I would say that something like Notepad ++ and Bulk rename are an absolute must.


i use LeGoupillon.exe for the name of the files....

and i use TextCrawler Pro for the text inside the .rsc files