Banished Crash after launching a session with MegaMod
Crashes when you exit the game when playing with mods are almost always the same issue and fixed the same way.

Whenever you make ANY change to the modlist, after you've confirmed the change and the game has reloaded on its own, you must entirely close Banished and restart it before you start playing. It's the only way to force the game to properly register the changes. If you skip that step before you start playing, you will crash if you try to quit your town to get back to the mod menu and sometimes when you try to exit the game from your town.
It's not something the modders can fix, it's an issue with the game itself. So get that reflex: changes to mod list = confirm, let it reload, then exit and restart.
got it, will give feedback on what happens next

*edit*: i did this and as i load the new game, I get as fatal error and crash, the same one as per usual. is there some file i have to turn from Read Only to make it work or something?
could be a corrupt save file. try a different 1. the game does have limits.usually around 150yrs players have issues.the amount of calculations exceed the ability of the computer. also can be graphics or computer memory related. i actually tery to limit the mods i use to 80% of the computer memory used.