Banished Crash after launching a session with MegaMod
I downloaded CC via Workshop and have no issues, so it must be with MM that there's an issue. that's a real shame because i wanted all those QoL mods and make the game as varied as possible.

now that we've located the problem, what can we do from there?

and there i go getting an "Access Violation" As I am playing the game. What do I do now?

do i need to run as admin?
I've left a message for another moderator to look at this thread and see if she has any recommendations. She is in France so there's a time zone difference and it may take a few hours to get an answer.

Normally I play with CC and 30 to 40 more mods. Until we get an answer, you could go ahead and load the QoL mods that you would like.
let me see if i can run the game vanilla and see what happens then. then I'l;l see if it's not my game that's bricked



I tried a clean re-install and as soon as I try to build anything, i crash with Access Violation

Is it possible I got banned from using the game on my account?
okay so i used this video to solve my issues. By deleting the proper registry, i was able to reset the things that made my game broken. hopefully it doesnt happen again

I'll post the video about the fix here

this way if it happens to me again, or someone else, they can find the fix here

Also i realized this isn't the proper subforum for this, requesting this be moved to the Questions, Help and Support.
Glad to see you got things to work. Moved the thread as requested. Happy Banishing! Smile
actually, this is still happening. I thought i had fixed the issue, but no, it just only isn't working with Megamod. I fixed the issue specifically for Vanilla and CC, but not MM. why is it happening with MM, i have no clue, but I want a (blank) fix right now REEEE
try changing your steam settings so it doesn't auto update,etc. disconnect the internet and play OFFLINE. double check the build # at the bottom to be sure you have the latest 1.07. check steam for more ideas. do you have enough RAM memory to run the huge MM? try using the CC version instead,if it is memory related that would work.
Keep CTRL pressed while launching the game to get the options window first, and if you are using DirectX11, try switching to DirectX9. For some odd reason it fixes some crashes for some people. You will have to endure longer load times, but it can be worth it if it works for you.

Nevermind, I see you did that already. I'll have my coffee first, then have a think again. Huh

After enabling MegaMod, did you take the time to entirely exit and restart Banished?
Are you trying to create a specific type of map? Like the biggest size available, marsh land with tons of tiny lakes? Specific start conditions?
alright, here's what I'm doing:

With the megamod, i'm trying to start a game in a medium map with the Easy start by SVVD or something along those lines. So far I was able to play with Colonials Charter from the Steam Workshop, the latest version mind you, and so far I have a thriving community of about almost 200-ish people.
to anyone who still cares about this, I figured out what the problem was: you cannot, I can't stress this enough, cannot have CC in your files in Banished if you want MM to work properly. I've only been able to have a stable MM game with CC completely off of my PC. so far, it's working

*edit*: nevermind, still getting the access violation, this time on exiting the program
what is so wrong with MM for it to cause this issue if only I could read the .dmp file so I could figure out what the problem is