About firewood production's efficiency.
Hello everyone, I'm playing Banished with MM 9. The toolbar is far more easy to navigate than MM 8. However, I found some inconvenient.

So after playing vanilla Banished for a while, I decided to go straight for the MM. After some games with MM8, I think go straight for MM9 would be better. In both versions there are so much options for one type of building that it overwhelming. But overwhelming is not a problem, I think the description of each option should be more detail. For example, I would like to know the efficiency of each wood cutter (or any production building with efficiency per worker and/or per square if that is feasible, for example the house options from RK's mod is excellent, the cap for the barns, etc..) so that I can make an educated choice at the beginning where the cold is a real problem.

And I found that the Old "Some Building" from Kid's mod is not consistent with the content of the game, for example, the blacksmith from Kid's mod does not produce Rough Tool, but at the beginning of a game, I found the option, it is pretty cheap compare to other (another reason I want some number of efficiency, I want to know how much I have to sacrifice for a cheaper price), and with the "Old" I just think it is just the Blacksmith with some retro reskin, but then I have to destroy it soon after.

So far that is some problems I found with the mod. But overall the mod is huge, so much fun and I highly appreciate the effort of the modders.
Have a nice day.
The issue there is that some of the mods packed together in MM have the tooltip made to indicate the production numbers, but others don't. Kralyerg would need to dig into each single building lacking the info in each "incomplete" mod, and then go edit the tooltips one by one.
Making things work together and trying to keep them relatively consistent is already a huge task, if he had to go and check each tooltip individually, it'd become a nightmare.