A note about CC 1.7

So to follow up on my first post:

One thing I did notice about playing 1.7 that is remarkably different from other versions is that there's no radical different playstyle required. 

You could in fact choose to play exactly as you have been in Forge Awakens. 

The main differences come from having more options available. 

For example you will be able to produce your own domesticated animals and do things that way, if you desire.

It's now feasible to make a completely sustainable rustic/old style town, due to new buildings. 

With the addition of the city walls, and some other new city style buildings (new hospital for example) it's even more possible to build a large scale city settlement without using vanilla town style buildings. 

All of that is optional though, but then so is installing any mod in the first place.

I get the feeling that after we go modular with <abbr title="Colonial Charter">cc</abbr>, we will look at new and existing ways to do more with our existing production chains. New types of fishing, new ways of mining, different ways of getting honey.

The time for this kind of stuff will come later, and be modular in nature so as to avoid having too many of the same resource producing options confusing people. 


Makes sense, it would probably be a good time as well to tidy up the base mod