A message to ColonialCharter.com members


Thanks for finding this message. 

I hope to answer some questions here.


Your member details have been moved over, this includes your
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Your password has been reset for security reasons and a random password generated

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Q&A Time with Shockpuppet

What happened to ColonialCharter.com? 

I planned the domain renewal wrongly, and I was unavailable to correct it in time.


I see you transferred usernames over, but where have the forum posts gone?

I still have them, however they are in a format that the software of this new site can't recognise.


Why don't you use the previous software then?

It was incredibly difficult to maintain, used up a lot of resources, was difficult to use, low in features, had poor support and I stopped being confident about how secure it was.


If the previous site software was so bad, why did you use it at all?

The original site was built as a WordPress blog. We realised we needed more features, so I scrapped it and installed a content management system (CMS). This was fine as we were not intending to have a forum, it had its own comment system built in. Soon we realised a forum would be very valuable, so a custom one was added by me to the CMS. They didn't really play together nicely, despite my best efforts. 


I'd also like to take a moment to mention that at no time was anyone's data at any security risk. I am the sole person with access to it and I've got it encrypted. 

i have hopes of being able to restore at least some of the forum information, and I continue to make efforts towards this.

My sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.