A few ideas for CC
As title said a few ideas for building or resources.

  1. Forester Exotic wood. Forester that cuts and plants exotic trees like mahogany, ebony, rosewood. They are used for creating Fancy furniture/homewares. Also can be obtained by Logging barge. Workers - Foresters
  2. Trapper camp. It works similar to Hunting Cabin but provides more textiles than food. Additionally that building produces Fur and Tallow. Fur can be used for creating clothes and other clothing items. Building requires Muskets and can consume them. Workers - Trappers/Hunters.
  3. Weaponry. Just a blacksmith that produces weapons instead of tools and is more efficient than normal blacksmith. Workers - Blacksmiths.
  4. Pearl workshop. Produces Pearl Necklaces from Pearls. It's a luxury Item. Workers - Jewelers.
  5. Clay pit. Works like a Stone/Iron mines but produces clay. Can be placed anywhere and can be upgraded. Workers - Miners?
  6. Salt works. Additional recipe Evaporated salt (requires charcoal). Evaporated salt have more value than normal salt and can be traded (Prize: 5 per unit). 
  7. Papery and Printing house. Produces paper from logs and Books from Paper. Worker - Printer and ?
  8. Weavers. Additional recipe Carpets. Carpets are a luxury Item.
  9. Baths. Place where citizens consumes luxury items, but also produces Soap from Tallow (Similar to Coffee house)
  10. Add Dry goods limit to the Resource limit tab
That's all Smile